What Makes Arva Different?

Arva's differentiation is in the unusually high commitment we make in terms of providing support to the companies we acquire. When we invest in a business we play an ongoing and active role supporting management in all facets of running the business including financing, strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, building annual operating plans and day-to-day operations.

Our principals are committed to getting personally involved in solving problems and removing barriers to growth. We do this by supporting the people in the business and doing what is necessary to help them to succeed. We help them to eliminate or mitigate weaknesses in the business and to build on its inherent strengths. We free people to do what they are best at doing. We are patient investors in every sense of the phrase.

While Arva provides its companies with management support, management tools and resources as they are needed, we do so without burdening those businesses with unnecessary structures and bureaucracy. We drive open communication, proper planning and effective decision-making.

Because of our high degree of involvement with our investments and our long-term horizon, fit is vitally important to us when evaluating a potential investment. We look for investment partners who understand and embrace the value that Arva offers them. We tend to invest in small to mid-sized businesses, often businesses with operational complexity, and to focus on sectors that we know well. Those include manufacturing, especially manufacturing companies with industrial customer bases, and telecom. However, we will step outside these parameters when the circumstances warrant it.